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Here's what our Customers have to say about Spexx:

I am grateful to have the Spexx system for my design team! The program was brilliantly designed with the interior designer's job in mind. Spexx ads a great deal of value by reducing the specification writing process by 30%. We are able to pass this value to our clients which, in turn, has allowed us the opportunity to take on a heavier work load that our team would not be able to handle without it.
Meghan Bazemore, Design Director, Monolith, Alpharetta, GA

Spexx is a very useful tool that exceeds the performance of our previous spec-writing software. It is quite an impressive program and will help us to become a more efficient firm by speeding up our entire process.
Holly Hynson, Design Continuum, Atlanta, GA

Without a doubt, Spexx has been a great investment! It's reduced the time we spend preparing our specifications by 30%, made them more consistent across the board and it's paid for itself time and time again. I can't imagine how we operated before it!
Melissa Dosier, Leo A Daly, Dallas, TX

Spexx has made my life so much easier! The multiple details of design projects come together easily and seamlessly in one application. No more spreadsheets, documents and paperwork from different sources. Thanks to Spexx we turn work around quicker and more accurately. I'd recommend Spexx to design firms of any size; it's great for improving accuracy and productivity.
Jennifer Berryhill, Morrison Seifert Murphy, Dallas, TX

I just love looking at a finished set of reports!
Emily St. Clare, Intra-spec, Marina del Rey, CA

Our time is cut easily in half...the larger the project, the more time you save.
Stacy Elliston, RDH Associates, Dallas, TX

It is so logical and easy to use! We love that everything is connected, budget, specs, and finishes! It's very easy to learn and very well thought through.
Lara Rimes, Leo A Daly, Dallas, TX

We are loving using the system. It is so well thought out! ...as if made with us in mind. I told our principals today this was the best decision they've made all year! Caroline Long, Design Continuum, Atlanta, GA

I ...had one major change that had to be made and I only had to input the change in one place! That was wonderful. Without Spexx, I would have had to enter the same information at least 50 times. Thanks so much!
Laura L Cox, CVC & Associates, Inc, Orlando, FL